Offline Education with Rachel-Pi

In the next few posts, I will share info about a learning tool I was introduced to. It is called RACHEL. RACHEL stands for Remote Access Community Hotspot for Education and Learning.

Imagine no internet!; no Facebook, no email, no videos; no access to information, to learning, or to training; no any of the things we take for granted, and have become accustomed to.

Well no access to information, learning, training, and the like, is the norm in too many communities around the world. RACHEL is a solution. One of the modules RACHEL includes is Khan Academy Lite. KA-Lite includes thousands of videos and exercises on math, science, and more – an incredible learning resource brought to you by the Khan Academy and     The Foundation for Learning Equality.

I am not affilliated with World Possible or RACHEL-Pi, or the Khan Academy.
I will highlight all of the modules included in RACHEL-Pi. Khan Academy is the first…

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