Maintenance Test

Stale web sites have become commonplace on the Internet. Instead of adding value, a neglected website detracts from your business. Visitor statistics and behavior go un-analyzed; opportunities are missed. Take control of your site with a professional maintenance contract!

Basic – If your site requires light maintenance and upkeep, this entry level package is for you. It includes:

  • Site maintenance & updates (an average of 2 hours per month of updates)
  • All updates completed within 2 business days*
    Email confirmation / follow up when an update is completed
  • No minimum contract required! Monthly Cost: $80 Contact Us

Basic Maintenance


Intermediate – If your site needs a little more TLC, this package is for you. Featuring statistical analysis (we’ll interpret the data for you) and site usability study, this package will help make your site an efficient business tool:

  • Site maintenance & updates (4 hours per month)
  • All updates completed withing 2 business days.
  • Email confirmation/followup when updates completed. Cell phone access or text.
  • No minimum contract required! Monthly Costs $150 Contact Us

Intermediate Maintenance


Advanced – If your site needs weekly attention, we can be your outsourced web-manager. With same-day turnaround on requests, this level of service provides all the skills of a web-manager without the full time cost:

  • Site maintenance & updates (10 hours per month of updates)
  • All updates done within 6 hours (during regular business hours).*
  • Scheduled updates made during non-business hours (ie. press releases, event announcements, etc.)
  • Email confirmation / follow up when an update is completed
  • Cell phone & email access for update requests
  • Website monitoring and performance statistics report (uptime, data transfer rate, etc.)
  • We will interact with your hosting vendor on technical / downtime issues that come up.
  • No minimum contract required! Monthly Cost: $400   Contact Us  

Advanced Maintenance


Custom – Have special needs not addressed here? Contact us, and together we can develop a customized package for your site.

Need it done tonight?! – Fill out this form. “Go straight to the front of the line!” We will contact you within two hours and get started. Thanks!


*Exceptions are scheduled days when we will be out of the office, not to occur on more than 20 business days throughout the year. For these days, prior arrangements will be made on a per client basis to ensure satisfaction.

Prices do not include web hosting – sites needing web hosting as well, add $25 / month additional

Maintenance does not include graphics creation or alteration. All graphics work will be done at $60 / hour additional.


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