deliveryAttention!! Because of our proximity to the San Pedro Ports, we deliver electronic parts and accessories to several vendors in the South Bay. If you receive deliveries at the San Pedro Port, and you are interested in our delivery service please contact us.

Our delivery service is an ideal method for delivery of time-definite and sensitive products including computers, towers and printers.

In addition to time-definite delivery, continued tracking and damage free delivery, computers often require specialized equipment, two man, inside placement, unpacking and dunnage removal.

Although most orders are new product fulfillment, many are redeployment moves that require time-definite pickup and packing, others are end of lease or end of life equipment requiring inspection, sorting and routing back to a redeployment center.  Inner City Technology also provides a RECOVERY and RETURN service from businesses and residences including flexible pickup times, packing service, inspection, segregation of repairable, recyclable, and re-deployable equipment.

With a network of storage sites, Inner City Technology can provide temporary storage of computers to meet specific requirements that streamlines the delivery and installation process. And, with advance notification, we can also provide specialized labor with experience in performing light installation on-site.

Our transportation network provides customers with a menu of time-definite services including specific arrival and installation times, at the destination location. Our proven processes and carrier management insures damage free delivery.

Contact Us to talk about your project. Thank you.

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