About Us

Professional Background

about_us3Our combined professional experience includes more than 15 years implementing and administering Internet technologies including Web services, DNS, databases, and other hosted applications. During that time we have had the opportunity to work for and with a variety of companies and organizations in a number of different industries.

As a result, we have become well-versed in Web and database programming and have also become proficient in UNIX, Linux, Apple, Windows Servers, 2000,to 2012, PHP, MySQL, Flash, HTML 5, and a number of other server platforms and web programming languages.

Our significant expertise is not limited to the technologies listed below…

Technologies Snapshot:

Areas of Expertise
Rich Internet Apps Applications Client-side Server-side
Flash/ActionScript Application Servers HTML 5, DHTML, XHMTL Java/JSP
Flex Web Servers CSS .NET/ASP
AIR Content Mngt Systems JavaScript PERL
JavaScript Frameworks Portals AJAX Cold Fusion, Rails
 JQuery Content Relship Mngt Widget Development Oracle, DB2,
Yahoo User Interface Lib Lead Management Mobile/iPhone Dev PHP, SQL Server
Scriptaculous Social Media Apps Social Networking Apps MySQL

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